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As a software developer, the first thing I think of when designing a web app is how the user will interact with my creation. The best way to understand how to develop a website is by putting ourselves in the user’s shoes. When I’m building something, I try to think of all the ways I personally would like to interact with the app, so that I can better understand the user experience. It also helps to look at examples of other websites, especially those that people use on a regular basis. What makes the app work…

A Brief Overview

As an emerging software engineer, any tool that makes programming life easier and more efficient is something I avidly seek out and try to learn immediately. When I was first introduced to Chrome DevTools, it was through the lens of being brand new to coding. Overwhelmed, I was daunted and unimpressed with DevTools, clumsily navigating my way through the features and trying to understand how to utilize them. I quickly became distracted by other shiny objects and soon forgot about it all together. …

I have a CLI app that I created in Ruby for my first project at Flatiron School. I’m pretty proud of what I accomplished in just a couple of days. The app was built from scratch with nothing but the basic knowledge of Ruby that I learned in a little over a week. The fact that the user interface was working in time for my presentation was a huge relief. I had something to show everyone, and it brought me back to my early days of programming in a dos prompt — where my interest in coding truly began.

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my first Ruby CLI app


Once upon a time, a landscape designer turned stay-at-home parent decided to become a software engineer. It may sound far-fetched — to picture such a drastic shift in careers — but the three are actually very similar. Software engineering is a form of design, and the journey to become a programmer via bootcamp is fraught with perils that have the same panicky, fly-by-the-seat of your pants feel as does raising a child. In the same way that you need certain tools and skills to create a functional landscape, or to help navigate a tantrum while picking out an outfit for…

Bryn Knowles

Software Engineer // JavaScript | React Hooks | Ruby on Rails

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